Liliana Mammino is an emeritus professor at the University of Venda (South Africa), where she has worked since 1997, teaching general and physical chemistry courses and establishing computational chemistry research. Her earlier work experiences include chemistry teaching at the National University of Somalia (1974-75), University of Zambia (1988-1992), and National University of Lesotho (1993-1996). She has a degree in chemistry from the University of Pisa (Italy, her home country) and a PhD in chemistry from Moscow State University (Russia).

Her research interests comprise theoretical chemistry, with main focus on the computational study of biologically active molecules, and chemical education, with main focus on conceptual understanding and the roles played by language and visualization, and on education for sustainable development, with particular attention to green chemistry education. She has published extensively in both areas. She is a member of the IUPAC Subcommittee on Green Chemistry and national representative of South Africa in IUPAC Division III. In 2013, she was one of the recipients of the IUPAC Award for Distinguished Women in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.