Attilio Citterio


Profile :

Born: 20/4/1949. Education: Degree in Organic Chemistry, University of Milan (1973). Academic career: Associate Professor (1983-1986), Full Professor of Chemistry (since 1986) at Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI). Academic activity: Head of BC in Chemical Engineering (POLIMI) (1996-2000). Director of Chemistry Department (POLIMI) (1989-1995). Member of the board college of Industrial Chemistry PhD (UNIMI and POLIMI). External activity: UNIDO expert (2008). Member of Green Chemistry Group (SCI) (2009-2011) and of INCA Consortium (2002-8).

Synthetic Sustainable Chemistry: a) organic synthesis for environmentally friendly products and processes, b) chemicals and materials from biomasses, c) green metrics, d) functionalization of unsaturated organic substrates; e) selective oxidation of polyfunctional organic molecules and use of elemental oxidants; f) acid and metal catalysis in ionic and homolytic reactions.
Proteomics: a) protein analysis in food and biological fluids, b) combinatorial peptide ligand library technology.
Mechanistic and Kinetic Studies of Homolytic Reactions: a) inter- and intra-molecular addition of carbon free radicals to olefins, b) homolytic aromatic and heteroaromatic substitution, c) new radical sources, d) free-radical reactivity and selectivity, e) homolytic oxidations of organic compounds, f) chemistry of organic additives in polymeric materials.
Analytical Chemistry and Interfacial Engineering: a) capillary electrophoresis and HPLC, b) covalent and temporary modifications of inorganic surfaces, c) polymeric surfactants, d) filler compatibility in polymeric composites; e) microreactors.
Documentation of the research activity: Publications on international journals: 173; Patents: 60; Plenary Lectures: 52.