1. Green Materials

    citterio_fotoElvio Mantovani
    Chairs: Attilio Citterio, Elvio Mantovani

    • Innovative materials for sustainable construction and cultural heritage
    • Nanomaterials
    • Polymers and polymer composites
  2. Green Bioprocesses

    Mauro MarchettiJanet Scott
    Chairs: Mauro Marchetti, Janet Scott
    Plenary : Isabel Arends (The Netherlands) and Fernando Galembeck (Brazil)

    • Biocatalysis and biotransformation
    • Biofuels
    • Bio-based renewable, chemical feedstocks
    • Bio-based materials
  3. Green Energy

    Buxing Han
    Chairs: Buxing Han,
    Plenary : Bruno Scrosati (Italy)

    • Energy storage to facilitate uptake of renewable energy sources
    • Chemistry for improved energy harvesting
    • Nuclear power
    • Pollution Prevention
  4. Green industrial processes and Molecular innovation

    Wolfgang HoelderichDr. Philip JessopKenneth Seddon
    Chairs: Wolfgang Hoelderich, Philip Jessop, Kenneth Seddon
    Plenary : Chao-Jun Li (Canada) and Takashi Tatsumi (Japan)

    • Green catalysis
    • Green solvents
    • Pharma
    • Microwave, ultrasound and flow chemistry technology
    • Separations and analysis
  5. Green Policy, Sustainability and Safety

    Liliana Mammino

    Chairs: Paul Anastas, Liliana Mammino

    • Green metrics and Greenness evaluation
    • Green Chemistry Education
    • How to influence policy to drive acceptance of Greener Technologies?
    • Climate Change Mitigation