6th International IUPAC Conference: a complete success

Green Chemistry leading sustainable development
A message from Venice to the rest of the world

Green Chemistry is the future of industrial strategies. A strong and concrete message for the rest of the world comes from Venice as shown by the participation of relevant industrial groups and international institutions to the 6th International IUPAC Conference, held between the 4th and the 8th of September. New challenges in different sectors were undertaken by the 500 researchers and scholars coming from more than 60 countries that gathered in Venice: restoration and cultural values conservation, chemical weapons banishing, innovative pharmaceutical production processes, environmental protection. The chemical industry, from “Twentieth century monster” responsible for development and also environmental and health issues for mankind, becomes leader of the sustainable development through decades of day by day researches in thousands of universities and laboratories, being look at as a new hope for populations all around the world.

6th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry success is in the figures: 6 plenary lectures, 20 keynote speeches, 180 poster presentation, 2 symposia, 3 round tables. 150 Original scientific reports on the following topics: green materials, green industrial processes and molecular innovation, green bioprocesses, green energy and green policy.

“The organisation Committee expectations were completely met” prof. Pietro Tundo states. “During several sessions we discussed national relevance issues. As an example, eni thoroughly explained Marghera hydrogenation plant technical aspects; Mapei showcased the usage of recycled materials in building industry; Pirelli talked about innovative production coming from renewable materials”
“Industries and companies of different production sectors agreed on future industrial strategies proposed by IUPAC, being considered a scientifically valid, independent and trustworthy institution” Prof. Tundo adds.

The two symposia were of international relevance: one organised by UNESCO, PhosAgro and IUPAC while the other was sponsored by OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons), which looks at Green Chemistry as a principle and a mean to oppose military usage of chemical compounds. With UNESCO support new ideas arose from the application of Green Chemistry to restoration and cultural values conservation, while pharmaceutical industry brought experiences and data on chemical reaction performed by using water in place of chemical solvents

Considering the great successes achieved in Venice, IUPAC decided to establish a permanent Committee on Green Chemistry. The next editions of the International Conference on Green Chemistry will be held in Moscow (Russia) in October 2017 and in Bangkok (Thailand) in September 2018.

Pictures of Venice Conference at

Venice, 16th September 2016

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