International IUPAC Conference opening tomorrow, September the 4th

Scholars from all around the world debating about Green Chemistry and sustainable development

Venice “Green Chemistry capital city” for five days: the International IUPAC Conference is opening tomorrow, on the 4th of September. There are 586 registered scholars attending the event, coming from 74 different countries. Among the foreign delegations the most consistent is the Japanese one, with 49 scholars; 31 participants come from China, 30 from India, 30 from the UK, 29 from the USA, 26 from Russia, 15 from Turkey and the same amount from Germany. The registered Italian scientists are 79.

From the 4th of September until the 8th Green Chemistry new frontiers will be debated at Toniolo Theatre, Cesare Battisti Square and Centro Culturale Candiani. This is the “good chemistry” which is globally imposing new development strategies: the one that cares about environment and human welfare, not only applied to industry and agriculture but also to the environmental protection and to the cultural values conservation and preservation. Concrete ideas and projects will come from Venice and the moral purpose of Green Chemistry will be defined, linking it to peaceful purposes and chemical mass destruction weapons ban.

The opening ceremony will be held on Monday the 5th at Toniolo Theatre at 9 a.m. The scientific contributions will be divided in five topics: Green Materials, Green Bioprocesses, Green Industrial Processes and Molecular innovation, Green Energy, Green Policy, Sustainability and Safety. Relevant companies presence, like CEFIC (Conseil Européen des Fédérations de l’Industrie Chimique), CNR, Riken (Giappone), PhosAgro, Solvay, Merck, L’Oréal, Pirelli, Symrise, SCG Chemicals, Iolitec, Mapei, Hitachi, eni, AbbVie Deutschland, Perkin Elmer, Sunrise, will make it possible to exchange industrial production best practices in order to provide worldwide guidelines on a clean and sustainable chemistry. Research and technologies should positively benefit from it, both in Italy and Marghera. The scientific event will include the active participation of international organisations like UNESCO and OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) together with African Institutional Delegations, which will intervene during the two specific conference sessions which will be held on the 6th and the 7th of September at Toniolo Theatre.

The conference and specifically the UNESCO Symposium, organised together with IUPAC and PhosAgro, will be of great importance for the Italian research, meaning that UNESCO will be more directly involved in concrete matters concerning the Italian cultural heritage. Taking into consideration the recent election of UNESCO director-general Romain Murenzi, Venice Conference will propose a new programme that will also revolve around natural sciences more than just the cultural heritage, focusing on cultural values conservation and restoration both in Italy and abroad. It is enough to consider what Serenissima empire gave to the Eastern borders of the Mediterranean Sea: a cultural heritage awaiting to be valorised and made known all around the world. The IUPAC Conference, organised in collaboration with the National Chemists Board, is sponsored by seven Italian ministries and both National and International Institutions.

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Venezia, 3 settembre 2016


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