PIETRO R. TUNDO is Professor of Organic Chemistry at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy).
He was guest researcher and teacher at College Station (Texas,1979-1981), Potsdam (New York, 1989-90) and Syracuse (New York, 1991-92), Chapel Hill, (North Carolina, 1995).
He is Member of the Bureau of IUPAC.

P: Tundo is author of about 300 scientific publications, 40 patents and many books.
His scientific interests are in the field of organic synthesis in selective methylations with low environmental impact, continuous flow chemistry, chemical detoxification of contaminants, hydrodehalogenation under multiphase conditions, phase-transfer catalysis (gas-liquid phase-transfer catalysis, GL-PTC), synthesis of crown-ethers and functionalized cryptands, supramolecular chemistry, heteropolyacids, and finally safe alternatives to harmful chemicals.
He is the sole author of the book “Continuous flow methods in organic synthesis” E. Horwood Pub., Chichester, UK, 1991 (378 pp.), and editor of about 15 books.

P. Tundo was President of Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Division of IUPAC (biennium 2007-2009) and holder of the Unesco Chair on Green Chemistry (UNTWIN N.o 731). He founded and was Chairman (2004-2016) of the Working Party on “Green and Sustainable Chemistry” of Euchems (European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences).

Founder of the IUPAC International Conferences Series on Green Chemistry, he was awarded by American Chemical Society on 1983 (Kendall Award, with Janos Fendler), and by Federchimica (Italian association of chemical industries) on 1997 (An Intelligent Future).

P. Tundo coordinated many institutional and industrial research projects (EU, NATO, Dow, ICI, Roquette) and was Director of the 10 editions of the annual Summer School on Green Chemistry (Venezia, Italy) sponsored by the EU, UNESCO and NATO.


Professor of Organic Chemistry
Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
IUPAC Bureau Member
Tel. +39 041 2348642
Mob. +39 349 3486191
E-mail: tundop@unive.it