Luca Giannini


Profile :

After getting a PhD in Chemistry at Lausanne University, he worked in a polymer manifacturing company dealing with heterogeneous catalysis and then in a fine chemicals company dealing with homogeneous catalysis.

Since 2001 in Pirelli, he dealt first with research projects in Photovoltaics in Plabs, then he moved to Pirelli Tyre in 2003, managing since then research projects on new materials and special applications in the Innovative Materials Department. He currently holds responsability of Material Advanced Research, comprising scouting activities on new Nanofillers, renewable materials and innovative polymers conducted in collaborations with Academic Partners, and brought to pilot scale through collaborations with strategic industrial partners.

He is co-Author of 20 patent applications, 30 papers and 1 book chapter.

Between 2005 and 2011 he acted as national delegate in ISO TC229 and CEN TC352 “Nanotechnology”.