Now in Venice: 6th IUPAC Conference in Green Chemistry

Five topics:
Green Materials
Green Bioprocesses
Green Energy
Green industrial processes and Molecular innovation
Green Policy, Sustainability and Safety

The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research invites Italian secondary school teachers to participate to ICGC-6

The Italian spirit of Green Chemistry

“On arid lands there will spring up industrial colonies without smoke and without smokestacks; forests of glass tubes will extend over the plains and glass buildings will rise everywhere; inside of these will take place the photochemical processes that hitherto have been the guarded secret of the plants, but that will have been mastered by human industry which will know how to make them bear even more abundant fruit than nature, for nature is not in a hurry but mankind is”
Giacomo Ciamician ( Bologna University), Science, 36 (1912), 385


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After Dresden, Moscow, Ottawa, Foz do Iguaçu and Durban, the IUPAC Green Chemistry Conferences will move to Venice. We believe that the perception that Society has of the role of chemistry is being elevated by these IUPAC Conferences, and that chemists deserve to be perceived as people who create a dialogue with politicians, economists, entrepreneurs, and opinion formers. Green Chemists map the way to a sustainable future, and foster the development of industrially significant, and economic, breakthrough technologies.

Pietro Tundo
Chairman, Organizing committee
University of Venice, Ca' Foscari, Italy

On behalf of the InternationDSC_3286-240x300al Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry – IUPAC- I sincerely welcome participants and guests of the 6th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry. Five topics to be discussed at the Conference: Green Materials, Green Bioprocesses, Green Energy, Green industrial processes and Molecular innovation, Green Policy, Sustainability and Safety, - cover the areas of great importance, enabling the humanity with the tools to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. I hope, that the broad exchange of opinion and experience in the fields of elaboration of specific technologies and production structures, which will be performed in the framework of the Conference, will help chemists worldwide to implement principles and approaches of green chemistry into practice. And the beauty of Venice will make the 6th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry unforgettable.

Natalia P. Tarasova
IUPAC President
Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Director of the Institute of Chemistry and Problems of Sustainable Development
D.I. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia